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Noteworthy Music Program

Vincent Trinh, Jennifer Chen, Justin Lin, Alyssa Li



Through a thriving partnership between the Noteworthy Music Program (NMP) and the volunteer departments at Mount Sinai Hospital and Credit Valley Hospital, volunteer musicians provide musical performances to interested patients at each hospital site. Currently, in-person weekly visits are suspended as per guidelines from the hospital sites and the U of T Medical Society. However, NMP will continue to deliver music performances via its virtual platforms, also allowing for potential collaboration with more U of T MD Program-associated hospitals to provide musical engagement to interested patients. Noteworthy has 3 main goals: To improve the experience of bed-bound patients by playing music for them on a weekly basis. To provide student volunteers a chance to use their musical talents to brighten patients’ hospital visits. To foster relationships between volunteer musicians and patients and to encourage active engagement in the local community.

About the Club

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