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About Dilshan Pieris

I'm a medical student who tends to gravitate toward the arts. I enjoy singing and playing music, writing poetry, and creating visual art through paintings and drawings. I'm a big foodie; I love love love trying out new foods and restaurants. Lastly, I run a podcast called "Shoot The Ship" with my friend (shameless plug) where we hangout and chat with each other and guests - you can get to know me a lot better there.


Year Plan

About the Sr. VP Education

VPs Education liaise between students and faculty about education-related matters through meetings to facilitate change within the MD Program. Through meetings with numerous committees, we represent and advocate for student voices when high-level decisions directly or indirectly impacting the student body are being made. VPs Education also co-chair the Student Education Committee (SEC), which serves as a point of contact between students and student leadership to streamline the communication of concerns and opinions to faculty while also discussing and brainstorming solutions for education-related matters. Additionally, VPs Education lead, assist, and facilitate the implementation of new curriculum initiatives to address identified gaps, and organize events and initiatives to ultimately improve the quality of education within the MD Program.



Reasons To Contact Me

  1. Concerns about curricula or assessments

  2. Ideas for addressing curiculum gaps

  3. Questions about education related initiatives & resources

  4. Medical education discussions

  5. Questions, comments, concerns about anything education related

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Facilitate curicular changes in COVID-19 & religious mistreatment

  2. Deliver the Longitudinal Academic Mentorship Program (LAMP)

  3. Launch & maintain the UofT Medicine FaculTea: Afterhours Podcast

  4. Help realize student ideas for curricular reform

  5. Represent & advicate for students at committee meetings

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