VP Global Health

The role of the Global Health team is to promote advocacy and education among students and the broader community on social justice and equity issues related to local, national, and international health. These include (but are not limited to) the areas of Indigenous Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Displaced Peoples Health, and Environmental Health. The portfolio works with other student groups, community organizations, faculty, and medical schools nationally and internationally on these issues and to promote Global Health events, curriculum, and learning opportunities.

Harsh Naik

VP Global Health Sr.

About Me

Harsh Naik is a second-year medical student at the University of Toronto. He is passionate about social justice and equity, and hopes to foster more discussions that lead to equitable change at UofT Med.

The themes we are looking to focus on this year include (but are not limited to):
- Indigenous Health and Sovereignty
- Climate Justice and Environmental Health (as part of the UofT Environment Committee)
- Migrant, Refugee, and Displaced Peoples Health

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

If you want to get involved with the Global Health team or if you have any questions about the work we do.

Project Pods

Governance Restructuring

Yina Shan

VP Global Health Jr.

About Me

I am a first-generation settler from China who grew up on Treaty 19 and Treaty 13 territories. Prior to medicine, I studied public health and epidemiology at UofT and health sciences and global health at McMaster, which cultivated my interests in planetary health advocacy, systems thinking, and community empowerment. You can often find me exploring nature, dabbling in the arts (piano, creative writing, painting), or munching on donuts around the city.

Year Plans and Goals

1. Restructure the local Global Health team from position-based to project-based roles, in order to build a dynamic team that works more collaboratively and has more capacity to progress projects.
2. Advance social justice and health equity for various global and local health issues (including, but not limited to Indigenous health and rights; climate justice; migrant, refugee, and displaced people's health; LGBTQ+ health) through advocacy and education.
3. Work closely with VP EDI on equity and global health-oriented initiatives, including climate justice through the UofT Environment Committee (part of Global Health portfolio).
4. Connect with students nationally and internationally to build solidarity and collaborate on initiatives.
5. Connect and establish long-term relationships with organizations at UofT and in the community.

Reasons to Contact Me

1. To join or connect with the UofT Medical Society Global Health team.
2. To connect with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) or International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) global health networks.
3. To discuss global or local health issues and actions of interest/concern to you and collaborate on solutions. I would love to learn about what sparks your fire and work together!
4. To offer perspectives on advancing health equity and social justice in global health, particularly through an anti-oppressive and anti-colonial lens, and to reach out for support (particularly students from equity-deserving communities).

Project Pods

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Pod
Streamline Communications Pod