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VP International Students

As VP international Students, my role is to mainly focus on advocating for international students in the MD program, regarding financial burden, social connection, and career development. I take all the students’ situation and perspectives into consideration and make an overall representation for our international student community.

Toyemi Opeoluwa-Calebs

VP International Students Sr.

About Me

I am international student from Nigeria. Since moving to Canada, I enjoy trying new experiences and meeting people. I spend a huge part of my downtime reading novels and watching my favourite YouTube channels. I love listening and dancing to Afrobeats music and in another life, I would have been a professional dancer.

I am a firm believer of channeling my pain to purpose and actively seek opportunities that further my interests in health equity and advocacy for marginalized populations.

Lastly, a fun fact or maybe not so fun for a lot of people is that, I don't like chocolate so I don't eat anything with chocolate in it.

1. Address and assist career development options for international students
2. Connect international students with resources to enhance learner experience and ease financial burden
3. Foster community among international students

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

1. You have concerns about the curriculum, clerkship, career exploration, summer opportunities, finances
2. You are looking to connect with other international students
3. You have an idea/resource that would be beneficial to other international students

Project Pods

EDI, Streamline communications

Kate Kim

VP International Students Jr.

About Me

My name is Kate, and I am your VP International Student Affairs Jr.
To tell you about myself, I was born in Seoul, S.Korea and lived there until I was 8. After moving to Canada, I spent most of my time in London, ON, until I graduated from Western University in Medical Sciences.
During my time at Western, I was part of the International Peer Guide Program, which is a program geared to assist international and exchange students in their transition to Canada. I worked with 2400+ international students over my 4 years of involvement in the program. I hope to apply the skills that I have learned during my undergrad to advocate for international students at UofT medicine.
During my free time, I like to go on walks and explore the city. I am also a huge foodie, so I love cooking and trying new foods!

Year Plans and Goals

1. Advocate for financial resources for international students
2. Help with career exploration given the difficulties with residency matching
3. Organize social events to foster connection among international students

Reasons to Contact Me

1. If you want to discuss information/resources available
2. If you want to connect with other international students
3. If you are looking for someone to talk to :)

Project Pods

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and MedSoc Social/Retreat Pod

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