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VP Publications

VP Publications takes care of the operational side of our Toronto Medical Student Publications (TMSP). We make sure that our pubs get their funding, have their insurance, meet their deadlines and get advertising. We're always around to answer any publication related questions and concerns.

Emma Price

VP Publications

About Me

You can find me basically always speed walking somewhere either because I'm late or I'm chasing waterfalls (I'm from Hamilton - ask me for hiking recommendations if you're visiting!).

1. Make sure our TMSP publications receive their funding.
2. Support our TMSP publications in meeting their deadlines.
3. Ensure our insurance, taxes and advertising is kept up to date and accounted for.

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

1. You have questions or concerns about one of our publications.
2. You want more information on how to get involved with one of our publications.
3. You have questions or concerns about advertisements in our publications.

Project Pods

Member of MAM Response ProjectPod and MedSoc Retreat ProjectPod.


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