Harsukh Benipal


As the Vice President Mississauga, I act as the official spokesperson and liaison for all UofT Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM) students, across all years. I advocate for MAM student needs, concerns, and inclusion within the UofT MD program by attending all MAM-related meetings with faculty and student leaders, including the monthly Mississauga Academy of Medicine Advisory Committee and Student Education Committee meetings. I also work to create an open and welcoming environment for all MAM students by organizing social events, managing social media accounts, and contributing to the monthly MAM Events and Updates newsletter. Furthermore, I monitor and consult on the implementation of MAM inclusion bylaws.

About the Role

About the Exec

I am a first-generation Canadian MD Candidate at the University of Toronto Mississauga Academy of Medicine. I have an MSc in Health Research Methodology and a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) from McMaster University with an Interdisciplinary Minor in Community Engagement. My passion for leadership and community engagement has been shaped by my parents and mentors. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, listening to audiobooks, and hiking.

Year Plans and Goals

Advocacy, Representation, Community.
1. Increase interclasses collaboration and comradery, especially for 2T4s and 2T5s, through events, social media, and newsletter.
2. Improve accountability, transparency, and equity in the MD curriculum.
3. Continue gathering MAM student feedback to inform MD program strategic planning and decisions.
4. Lead with students’ best interests.
5. Practise accessible and collaborative leadership.

Reasons to Contact

1. You have MAM-specific questions/concerns for MD faculty and the UofT Medical Society.
2. You have questions about MAM-specific resources to support you academically and personally.
3. You have ideas for increasing inclusion of MAM within the UofT MD program.
4. For a friendly chat!

Harsukh Benipal


1. MAM Response Team- lead
2. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion- member
3. CREMS & Research Promotion- member