Hugh Huang

VP International Students Sr.

As VP international Students, my role is to mainly focus on advocating for international students in the MD program, regarding financial burden, social connection, and career development. I take all the students’ situation and perspectives into consideration and make an overall representation for our international student community.

About the Role

About the Exec

I am an international student from China. I am not a superfan of anything but a fan of everything, always open to explore. One of my million dreams was to become a professional tennis player, but I still haven’t learned to serve for years. If you love East Asian food, we should definitely try all the good restaurants in Toronto together. I promise I am a much more interesting guy than my tedious introduction, so why don’t we just have a chat?

Year Plans and Goals

1. Address academic challenge and financial burden faced by international students
2. Advocate career development (especially Resident Matching) resources for international students
3. Enhance connection among international students

Reasons to Contact

1. You feel stressed about your career, finance or study.
2. You need any information or resource
3. You feel unrepresented or disconnected from your class.

Hugh Huang


EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Pod, member