Justin Lin

VP External Affairs Sr.

The VP External serves as a liaison between the U of T and organizations outside of the school/Faculty of Medicine, mainly the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and the Ontario Medical Students’ Association (OMSA). I attend regular meetings with VP Externals from across the province and the country. In doing so, I facilitate communication between the U of T student body, the OMSA and the CFMS. I am also the primary point of contact for external organizations that hope to share information and events with the U of T student body (e.g., OMA Insurance).

About the Role

About the Exec

Hi everyone! My name is Justin and I am a second-year student. My family lives in Winnipeg and I completed my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Manitoba. In my spare time, I love to play basketball, soccer and ultimate frisbee, as well as the piano.

Year Plans and Goals

1. Regularly share pertinent information from the CFMS and the OMSA with U of T medical students
2. Engage with U of T medical students and student organizations to hear about issues they would like me to discuss at a provincial/national level
3. Promote events relevant to U of T medical students from external organizations using social media
4. Coordinate province– and nation-wide advocacy initiatives with other VP Externals across Canada

Reasons to Contact

1. You have questions/concerns about the CFMS or the OMSA
2. You have thoughts that you would like me to bring up at CFMS or OMSA meetings
3. You are part of an organization outside of the U of T Faculty of Medicine and would like to share information with U of T medical students

Justin Lin


I am a member of the CREMS Pod.