Lunan Zhao

VP Global Health Sr.

I understand the role of VP Global Health as being facilitator of discussions; to listen, to learn and to unlearn, before taking action. My priority this year will thus be to widely consult our medical community, in order to learn about all of your stories, particularly the stories of Indigenous students, Black students and students from equity-seeking groups. My dream is forus to rally as a community of medical learners, and to critically rethink and reimagine the narratives of global health through an anti-colonial framework.

About the Role

About the Exec

I am of the Chinese diaspora and grew up as a settler on Treaty 1 lands. My name arises from the home town of my mother and the home village of my father, yet the question “where is home?” does not offer a clear answer ;) . I love literature and history. What fascinates me is how the stories we tell (or don't tell) shape race, gender, class, and sexuality, as well as the ongoing legacies of global colonization.

Year Plans and Goals

(*please note, trigger warning on ongoing colonial violence in Canada)

1. Creating spaces for previously silenced and uncomfortable narratives to be discussed
2. Working to restructure the spaces that hold stories of Global Health with transparency and accountability
3. Centering discussions of Global Health on Canada's genocide against Indigenous communities, ongoing colonization of unceded lands, legacy of slavery of Black communities, current anti-immigration & racial divide practices, and medical colonialism
4. Work towards a non-hierarchical, project-driven community of medical students committed to centering anti-oppression in Global Health

Reasons to Contact

1. To join a local U of Toronto team building a just and equity global health student network
2. To connect with the national Canadian Federation of Medical Students equity and global health network
3. To discuss restructuring the narratives of global health through an anti-colonial framework
4. I particularly welcome students from equity-seeking communities to reach out for support and to offer perspectives

Lunan Zhao


1. Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Pod