Maryam Thraya

VP Student Engagement St. George Sr.

As VP Student Engagement, promoting extracurricular activities within the faculty is at the heart of my role. Recently, we have been working hard at MedSoc to ensure that equity is observed in such activities. This is especially relevant nowadays as this VP role also has a say in the amount of funding given by MedSoc to clubs to reimburse the costs they incur. Other aspects of my role include overseeing MedSoc resources, such as the med lounge, but that has been on hold due to COVID-19.

About the Role

About the Exec

Apart from my obsession with cooking new recipes, I enjoy checking out new spots with my friends and making a day of it. A fun fact about me is that I once spent two weeks on a remote island on the west coast sampling salmon in the middle of the night. T’was kind of creepy. Other hobbies I enjoy include long walks. I don’t remember feeling like a walk was ever too long since the time I went on a 2-hour hike when I was 11 and felt like I didn’t have the energy to make it back home because of how tired I was.

Year Plans and Goals

1⁃ continuing to oversee equitable hiring of new club leads
2⁃ working on implementing an EDI reporting system for equity issues within clubs
3⁃ came out with guidelines to minimize bias during interviews for hiring new leads (eg. remove oneself from interviewer position if conflict of interest exists; record interviews;…)
4⁃ considering creating a guide for transitioning back to in-person campus activities when permitted, since many of us are not familiar with in-person club conduct

Reasons to Contact

1⁃ Any general questions about clubs and student-related initiatives
2⁃ Any time you are wondering if you should take into account equity, diversity, and inclusion principles in an activity you are carrying out
3⁃ When attempting to ratify your club to gain MedSoc-affiliated status

Maryam Thraya


Member: Club Equity & Restructuring
Member: Alternative Funding