Nina Hadzimustafic

2T4 Class Co-president

As 2T4 Class Co-President with Rahna, we act as the primary liaison between students and faculty, as well as between class council and Medical Society. We advocate for students at all levels from day-to-day course improvement, to curriculum changes through COVID-19, and ensuring that all students feel heard and included. We work to ensure that every individual student voice is heard by faculty and to enact rapid changes to improve the 2T4 experience.

About the Role

About the Exec

My iconic traits include wearing my all-terrain heels and winged eyeliner on the daily no matter what I'm up to. Outside school I love playing piano (particularly procrasti-composing) and ballet and I'm super passionate about making grassroots changes in my local community by working with non-profits.

Year Plans and Goals

1. Help incorporate student feedback into a plan with faculty to make our curriculum more equitable, inclusive, and accessible.
2. Make sure that we work with class council, team PRISM and NEURO, and faculty to ensure a safe and fun return to in-person learning and social events.
3. Continuously and transparently bring student feedback to faculty and report back to students.

Reasons to Contact

1. If you have questions/concerns about curriculum for faculty.
2. If you need guidance with which class council representative to reach out to.
3. If you need support with absolutely anything 2T4-related!

Nina Hadzimustafic


Governance and Restructuring Pod - Member
MedSoc Retreat Pod - Member