Stephanie Park

VP Education Sr.

Medical education is constantly being modified to reflect the dynamic nature of healthcare, literature, technological advancements and the needs of the students. As VP Education, I communicate student concerns and opinions with respect to medical education and curricular changes to the faculty. Part of my advocacy work includes representing the student body in curriculum committees including MD Program Curriculum Committee, Hospital University Education Committee, and Student Assessment and Standards Committee (SASC). I also co-chair the Student Education Committee (SEC) to ensure collaboration amongst different student representatives. Additionally, I co-lead educational programs like the MD Longitudinal Academic Mentorship Program (LAMP) and Career Chats with the Office of Health Professions Student Affairs (OHPSA) to assist students in their educational journey. Lastly, I support students in curriculum development projects and ensure that their ideas put forth do not go unnoticed.

About the Role

About the Exec

I grew up playing the violin and being involved with sports – I then discovered I could combine my passion for music and movement, and fell in love with dance! Becoming a dance coach sparked my interest in teaching and education, which I was able to explore beyond the studio. Aside from that, I love cooking, cat sitting, and most of all, spending time with my loved ones.

Year Plans and Goals

1) Increase efforts in equity, diversity and inclusion in our medical education
2) Create an accessible infrastructure for students interested in engaging in curriculum changes and development
3) Relay important feedback about medical education to faculty with the student’s best interest

Reasons to Contact

1) You have questions/concerns about the medical curriculum
2) You have ideas for curriculum development or a need support on an ongoing project
3) You have experienced mistreatment or discrimination with respect to medical education

Stephanie Park


Governance Restructure Pod (member)