Zoe Thompson


The speaker and executive admin are the people who run MedSoc day to day. We run the meetings, create motions, plan agendas and write minutes to be sent out afterwards. We also help run the elections (along with VP Communications) and organise the selection of the MedSoc Affiliated Positions (MSAPs). Although we don't oversee a particular portfolio we often work with a lot of the VPs on MedSoc on different initiatives so if you have a question we can't answer we definitely know who can! Aside from our own MedSoc meetings we also chair the Class President's lunch and organise MedSoc AGMs where anyone from the student body can come and ask the council any questions they may have.

About the Role

About the Exec

Hi! You may know me as that Australian girl or the one you keep getting emails from about elections. And while I am those things I also love travelling, ramen and exploring Toronto on my bike. After doing my undergraduate degree at UofT I was so excited to stay in Toronto for med school as Toronto is a wonderful city and I have made some amazing friends despite being very far away from home. I have been involved in leadership since high school and love how it lets me connect with such a wide range of people. I look forward to meeting all of you in person soon!

Year Plans and Goals

1. Livestreaming Medical society meetings
2. Making elections more equitable
3. Increasing student engagement at AGMs
4. Creating an ongoing MedSoc feedback form that anyone can fill out at any time

Reasons to Contact

1. You have a question about elections or MSAPs (MedSoc Affiliated Positions)
2. You want to know how to create a motion or point of discussion at a medical society meeting
3. You have feedback about MedSoc practices/logistics
4. You have a question but don't know who on MedSoc to ask

Zoe Thompson


Governance Pod - Member
Elections Restructuring Pod - Member