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Soomin Lee, Michael Geurguis



Kids2Hear is a primary preventative health initiative whereby medical students screen kindergarten children who are most in need for hearing deficits. The program is geared towards inner-city schools that lack funding for screening, catering to an increased risk student population. Furthermore, the program targets many non-English speaking immigrants who also occupy low-income/impoverished niches and for whom proper communication is essential for societal integration. Kids2Hear fosters interprofessional education via collaborative efforts between medical students, otolaryngologists, family physicians, audiologists, and school staff. Students are trained by Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) staff in otoscopy/audiological screening and learn how to educate students/teachers about the importance of hearing testing. Once children with possible needs are identified, Kids2Hear coordinates referral either to: a) HSC audiological/ENT clinic for children with audiological deficits; or b) local family physician for children who have only otoscopic abnormalities. Long-term goals include screening for multiple at-risk schools and publicizing the results to the community and government, highlighting the need for standardized screening. The program hopes to challenge medical students across Canada to adopt similar initiatives in their communities by providing assistance through accessible web based forums/learning modules promoting a sustainable model. Private Facebook link:

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