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Meeting room
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Room Bookings

 If you are a MedSoc ratified club, you can book space for your club events, by emailing with the following information: 

  • Club:

  • Date:

  • Start and End Time:

  • Number of attendees:

  • Do you require a room booked at MAM as well?

  • If so, number of attendees at MAM:

  • Do you require AV (there will be a cost, approx $50):

  • Topic/Event Description:

  • External speaker name (if any):

  • Video or film title (if any):

  • Where was the film purchased?

  • Open to the public?

  • Will there be an admission cost?


*Food not allowed in the classrooms

 Please ensure you provide at least 10 business days' notice (from your event date). If you have any questions about club space booking, please reach out to the VP Student Engagements

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