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About Christopher End

I am from the GTA and I have three younger brothers all close in age, which has heavily skewed my definition of a "quiet" day. I like to think of myself as a people person. Those that know me are aware that I love talking to people about anything and everything. Lastly, I am constantly learning and always trying to improve myself in any way that I can.


Year Plan

About the 2T2 Co-President

I am one of two class-presidents for the 2T3 medical students. Tao and I represent their interests in meetings with faculty, often bringing attention to issues and/or worries that the students may be having. We run class council meetings where we hear about the class’ problems, plan solutions, receive updates from course reps, and help organize events. We essentially serve as liaisons between the administration and students. Any improvements/issues that require systemic change are brought to us, and we in turn, work with the relevant persons who can solve these problems. In short, we are reactionary – aiming to extinguish small fires and helping the class stay running as a well-oiled machine!



  1. here is no bad reason to contact me, any reason counts!

  2. Question relevant to the class of 2022

  3. Youn need help contacting the right person

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Ensure a safe and valuable transition to clerkship for the 2T2 class

  2. Continue to improve the student experience

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