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About Ananya Srivastava

My name is Ananya and I am an avid traveller, glitter aficionado and aspiring physician from Mississauga, Ontario. I received my BSc from Bishop’s University where I studied honours chemistry with a minor in classical music, and my MSc from the University of Toronto studying computational biophysics. I love meeting new people, making bad chemistry jokes (because all the good ones argon), and taking long walks on the beach.


Year Plan

About the Sr. VP Student Engagement MAM

My role consists of managing and overseeing all clubs (internal affairs, community affairs, and MSAP position holders) within the Faculty of Medicine alongside the VP Student Affairs St. George. I act as a primary point of contact and as a liaison between these groups and the Medical Society. I am also a student representative on the Mississauga Academy of Medicine leadership committee. I work on various projects related to finance, equity, and wellness in collaboration with other Medical Society representatives.



  1. Students looking to learn more about club opportunities

  2. Students looking to create a new club

  3. Club leads who need assistance with their clubs

  4. Students who have any concerns related to club affairs

  5. Students who feel that club events are not inclusive

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. To answer any club related concerns/question

  2. To maintain communication with club leads

  3. To anonymize the club hiring process

  4. To assist students in getting involved with clubs

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