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About Danielle Lewis

I will be entering my second year of medical school at the University of Toronto this fall. Prior to medical school, I completed three years of BSc in Biological Sciences at Ontario Tech University, with a specialization in Life Sciences. Outside of medicine, I enjoy cooking, playing the piano, blogging, spending time with friends and family, and watching Netflix.


Year Plan

About the Sr. VP Student Engagement UTSG

As VP Student Engagement St. George, my role consists of managing and overseeing all club affairs within the UofT Faculty of Medicine. This includes diligently communicating with club leads of internal affairs, community affairs, and MSAP position holders. It is my responsibility to answer their concerns or questions and also relay important information to them. I am also responsible for assisting students who are creating a club that would like to be MedSoc ratified. Furthermore, it is my responsibility to maintain and enhance the MedSoc student lounge at the St. George campus. Finally, I work in collaboration with multiple other MedSoc executives within a variety of other initiatives such as finance, equity, and wellness projects.



Reasons To Contact Me

  1. Students looking to learn more about club opportunities

  2. Students looking to create a new club

  3. Club leads who need assistance with their clubs

  4. Students who have any concerns related to club affairs

Year Plans & Goals

  1. To answer any club related questions or concerns

  2. To maintain communication with club leads

  3. To anonymize the club hiring process

  4. To assist students in getting involved in clubs

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