My primary role is to act as a bridge between Faculty and TFoM's student body. This means: 1) listening to and presenting concerns, issues, ideas, etc. to Faculty; and, 2) sitting on boards such as the Board of Examiners, Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors, Hospital University Education Committee, Faculty Council, etc. as a student representative. I also manage Society executive portfolios and oversee the Executive Council. In keeping with the Medical Society's mandate, I strive to "unify all Doctor of Medicine students across all 5 classes (year I, II, III, IV, MD/PhD)".

George Elzawy


About Me

"Curiosity is nature's school of eduction". My friends call me Curious George because I love exploring the unknown and learning new things.

My ideal day involves playing basketball, producing art (music and sketching), spending time with friends & family, and enjoying a big bowl of ramen.

It is a privilege to hold the position of Med Soc President; to use kindness, thoughtfulness, and creativity in order to best serve the student body.

1. Integrate an EDI lens in all Society portfolios and elections
2. Promote collaboration within the class of 2T4
3. Increase awareness of our Medical Society to extend our advocacy work to more students
4. Circulate a sense of family within and between classes (2T5s, 2T4s, 2T3s, 2T2s, MD/PhD)

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

1. You have concerns or questions for the MD Faculty
2. You feel unrepresented or excluded from the Medical Society
3. You are uncertain of which exec to reach out to for questions/ideas
4. You have questions about your case with the Board of Examiners
5. You need information about external affiliated organizations

Project Pods

Governance Restructuring Pod (lead)