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As the Vice President Mississauga, I act as the official spokesperson and liaison for all UofT Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM) students, across all years. I advocate for MAM student needs, concerns, and inclusion within the UofT MD program by attending all MAM-related meetings with faculty and student leaders, including the monthly Mississauga Academy of Medicine Advisory Committee and Student Education Committee meetings. I am also working with faculty and students in founding a MAM equity, diversity, and inclusion committee to work from an anti-oppressive lens in reshaping our curriculum and shared spaces within the school and the greater community. I also work to create an open and welcoming environment for all MAM students by organizing social events, managing social media accounts, and contributing to the monthly MAM Events and Updates newsletter. Furthermore, I monitor and consult on the implementation of MAM inclusion bylaws.

Ali Butt


About Me

As the Vice-President of the Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM) I act as the official spokesperson and liaison for MAM students. I advocate for curriculum restructuring, EDI initiatives, and address student concerns. In addition, I meet with faculty and sit on the MAM Advisory Committee, MAM Response Team and University of Toronto MD Student Education Committee. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the local trails within the City of Mississauga and working out.

- Increase inclusion of MAM during welcome week.
- Increase inclusion of MAM during academic or social events throughout the year.
- Establish a EDI committee/working group
- Plan and connect MAM students via socials

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

MAM inquires or issues.

Project Pods

MAM Response Team and Club Equity and Restructuring Pod

Marium Kiwan


About Me

Moving to Canada 8 years ago and growing up in 4 countries has made me passionate about the immigrant experience and its impact on health. I have an undergraduate degree from McMaster University in Kinesiology and completed my MHSc in Medical Physiology at the University of Toronto. My educational experiences have nurtured my interest in preventative medicine, specifically the use of diet and exercise as a means to protect against chronic illness. Outside of school, I enjoy swimming, biking, skating, and reading, so if you have book recommendations send them my way!

Year Plans and Goals

1. Increase Diversity, Inclusion and Equity within the University of Toronto Mississauga Academy (MAM)
2. Implement changes within the curriculum to represent all students and allow for equitable access to information and services.
3. Increase class collaboration by planning social events and engage in community initiatives.

Reasons to Contact Me

1. You have MAM-specific questions/concerns for MD faculty and the UofT Medical Society.
2. You have questions about MAM specific resources for personal and academic support.
3. You have ideas for social and/or equity, diversity, and inclusion events/initiatives.
4. For a chat!

Project Pods

Communications Pod, MAM Response Team

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