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About Calandra Li

There is nothing I love more than a slice of cheesecake except spending time with my family and friends. If you know me, you know that I am proud of my Hakka heritage. My family owns a Hakka restaurant in Toronto that serves Chinese-Indian cuisine. If you’ve never tried Hakka food, you have not lived! I was a member of the Army Cadet Program which shaped my leadership style and sparked my passion for women in leadership.


About the President 

As President, my most important task is to act as the official spokesperson and liaison for all U of T medical students, across all years, to our Faculty of Medicine and other external organizations. I advocate for your needs, concerns, and interests, ensuring I fairly and accurately represent the Society and its constituents. Part of my advocacy work includes amplifying and embodying the student voice at tables like the Board of Examiners, Hospital University Education Committee, Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors, and more. I oversee all activities and programming done by members of the Society and the Executive Council, which includes our Executive Portfolios - it is my job to provide support and guidance to our Executive Portfolios as they strive to achieve their goals.



  1. You have questions/concerns for the MD faculty

  2. You feel unrepresented or excluded from MedSoc or its exec

  3. You are uncertain of which exec to reach out to for questions/ideas

  4. You have questions regarding your case with the Board of Examiners

  5. You need information about an external affiliated organizations

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Increase interclass collaboration, especially among 2T4s

  2. Improve accountability & equity in MedSoc elections

  3. Improve student inclusion especially between academies

  4. Lead with student's best interest

  5. Practice transparent & accessible leadership

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