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Adventures in Science (AIS) STG

Matthaeus Ware, Megan Drupals



Adventures In Science (AIS) St. George is a unique mentorship program in which we explore science communication together in its many forms. Grade 11-12 high school students with an interest in science from around Toronto are grouped with two mentors, who are U of T medical and graduate students. Through virtual monthly sessions running from October to May (Wednesdays, 5:00 PM–7:00 PM), students will be exposed to a variety of guest speakers who employ scientific communication in their careers for the first half of the session. The second half of the sessions will be focused on preparing a Longitudinal Science Project, on a topic of the group’s choosing, to be shared with elementary students. This program was run successfully virtually last year, with nearly 200 high school students and 60 mentors participating! We hope you will join us for another fantastic year of science and mentorship!

About the Club

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