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Community Health Education for Refugees & Immigrants (CHERI)

Yasmeen Razvi, Milena Cioana



CHERI is a medical student-led community clinic focused on providing preventative health education and screening to newcomers in Mississauga without health insurance. There is a growing population of immigrants and refugees in Mississauga, many of whom lack health insurance for various reasons including the 3-month waiting period before OHIP coverage is provided to landed immigrants, temporary foreign workers unable to afford private medical insurance, and refugee claimants. In addition to lacking health insurance, many of these individuals experience a plethora of obstacles preventing them from accessing care for many preventable health conditions. Our goal at the CHERI clinic is to promote health literacy in this population by providing preventative health education in topics including cardiovascular health, diabetes management, women’s health, and mental health. Private Facebook link:

About the Club

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