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Kelsey Yang, Matt Hacker Teper



IMAGINE (Interprofessional Medical and Allied Groups for Improving Neighbourhood Environment) is an interprofessional, student-run community health initiative aimed at promoting and providing holistic health care to the core neighbourhoods of downtown Toronto. 1) To promote and provide health care services to marginalized populations in Toronto through our weekly Saturday clinic at Central Toronto Community Health Centre. 2) To offer students in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, and Physiotherapy an opportunity to work with preceptors in an interdisciplinary team on real-life cases in the community that serve marginalized populations 3) Conduct outreach with community agencies through our Health Promotion and Community Partnerships committees 4) Provide a platform for critical discussions on inner city health through our Advocacy committee in the form of outreach sessions, panels, and an annual conference on a timely inner city health issue

About the Club

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