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Saturday Program STG

Jason (Yi) Yang, Vivian (Wen Xuan) Xu, Serena Kao, Sherry (Xinle) Wang, Yuqi Lin, Christina Ji, Kabirat Bello, Gerard (Kyungwook) Kim



The Saturday Program is a non-profit tutoring and mentorship initiative led by U of T students. Throughout 10 weeks, we bring together undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from multidisciplinary fields at U of T and pair them with high school students who are struggling academically. We provide one-on-one tutoring/mentoring, enriching workshops and career exploration sessions to cultivate students' skills in an area of interest. We aim to equip Toronto's youth with the right tools to succeed such as an understanding of how to study, learn, and think critically along with an improvement in grades.

About the Club

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