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About Maria Leis

I am a Director of Women in Medicine, the Women’s Health Education Initiative, and Medical Students for Choice. I am interested in global gender disparities; my current research examines the impact of gender-based violence against female sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya on HIV prevention behaviours and mental health outcomes. I am part of FMWC’s Gender-Based and Family Violence Committee, and sit on the Board of Directors as the National Student Representative.


Year Plan

About the Jr. VP Finance

My role is to consult the class regularly to determine class opinions and concerns regarding issues relevant to the class. Myself and Chris represent the interests of the 2T2 class during interactions with the Medical Society, faculty, administration, and any other groups or organizations. Further, we oversee the 2T2 class council by facilitating relationships between elected students and faculty with the class, and supporting them in their endeavours when possible. We meet regularly with both students and faculty to ensure the interests of the 2T2 class are best represented, and to be the voice of our class in faculty-level decision making when required.



  1. Class-specific concerns.

  2. Questions regarding faculty contacts.

  3. Individual circumstances you would like help navigating.

  4. Questions regarding the Medical Society.

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Support 2T2 students in the transition to clerkship

  2. Provide feedback to faculty on COVID-19-related curricular changes

  3. Represent 2T2 concerns to faculty and beyond

  4. Advocate for class initiatives

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