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About Mughda Khondker

I come from the most beautiful city in Canada - Hamilton, ON, and my only qualification for this role is that I am pretty good at Photoshop. My friends call me a walking portfolio and my MAM class voted me for "hates portfolio the most" which represents how conflicted I am about most things. If you ever need a trail recc for a run or hike, feel free to shoot a message any time!


Year Plan

About the Sr. VP Publications

Broadly, my role is to oversee publications by the UofT medical student body. This includes coordinating the textbooks by TMSP, such as the new Essentials of Clinical Examination Handbook or Toronto Notes, and working with student journals and magazines, such as UTMJ or Palette, to ensure their goals can be met. My role is mostly a combination of editorial work and financial accountability. This also involves helping the rest of MedSoc, O-week team, and MedSoc clubs with any publication and making documents with faculty for the student body - we never leave any margins misaligned.



  1. If you have questions about student publications

  2. If you want to get involved in student publications 

  3. If you have issues with editors, reviewers, supervisors 

  4. If you need help with graphics or outgoing documents

  5. Complaints on publication submission or appeals for TMSP

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Publish the 9th edition of the "Essentials of Clinical Examination"

  2. Assist UTMJ in getting an impact factor and indexed

  3. Increase revenue for Toronto Medical Student Publications

  4. It's time to make new friends

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