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About Natasha Dhingra

I’m a Torontonian girl at heart with a dash of prairie spirit, as I was born in Saskatoon :) I absolutely love to travel, and have had the awesome experience of living in 5 different cities! You can always spot me with either a Diet Coke or coffee in hand (seriously, the best things ever invented). Finally, I really enjoy running and ran my first half marathon last year; I’m still searching for my favourite TO route and am open to suggestions!


Year Plan

About the Sr. VP Global Health

As VP Global Health, I’m responsible for collaborating both with the MedSoc team, as well as with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) as the global health liaison (GHL). At U of T, I work with an awesome team of 10 CFMS local student officers, and together we work on addressing the 5 major portfolios of GH education, advocacy, sexual and reproductive health, indigenous health, and climate change and health. I also work to advocate for the needs of U of T MD students, particularly as a member of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion MedSoc committee. Finally, As a CFMS GHL, I collaborate with other CFMS members in organizing GH events and initiatives, and attend CFMS conferences and monthly global health roundtables.



  1. Any global health issues/ initiatives you'd like to address

  2. Any questions about CFMS - global health related topics

  3. Any questions about being a global health local officer

  4. Questions or interest in joining current initiatives

  5. Questions about the global health certificate program

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Collaborate with faculty and students on finalizing the GH certificate

  2. Ongoing involvement and collaboration with CFMS GHLs

  3. Organize the U of T branch of the CFMS National Day of Education

  4. Support the local officers' agendas

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