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About Lina Elfaki

I am a Black Muslim immigrant woman passionate about: 1. Cardiovascular system…ECGs only get more fun the more time you relearn how to read them 2. Space travel…currently waiting for my buddy Elon to give me a ride to Mars lol 3. Promoting gender and racial equity in healthcare and the STEM fields through spearheading inclusive and community-centered experiential programs, mentorships and evidence-based curriculum changes P.S. recruiting friends who share my chocoholism!


Year Plan

About the Sr. VP Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

As the 1st Vice President of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), my main goal is to raise the importance of EDI within the Faculty of Medicine through serving as a coordinator of activities related to EDI and amplify existing student efforts. The EDI portfolio caries significant responsibility as well as opportunity as it works with and not for marginalize groups – medical students, physicians, patients and communities – to promote anti-oppressive practices at the individual and systemic levels within the medical school and broader structures. The role operates based on these key principles: Humility, Introspection, Social Justice, and Solidarity.



  1. Seeking financial resources to support EDI student initiatives

  2. Seeking faculty supports for EDI student initiatives

  3. Collaborators consultations on EDI efforts (events, club, curriculum)

  4. Personal support on addressing a macro/micro-aggression incident

  5. Equity/anti-oppression/implicit bias training for work team

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Scope FoM initiatives, faculty contacts & resources with EDI focus

  2. Amplify voices of marginalized student groups

  3. Streamline student & faculty communication regarding EDI initiatives & issues

  4. Provide FoM & MedSoc’s policies, procedures, & activities

  5. Connect existing EDI student efforts to financial and faculty resources

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