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About Sinthu Senthillmohan

Hi! A bit about me: I did my undergrad in Biology & Psychology at McMaster. I love collecting enamel pins, I’m a tea enthusiast (cinnamon rooibos from David’s Tea is the way to my heart), and my alternative career would have been as a vet. I’m also into social justice, health equity, and mentorship! And I spend a bit too much time crafting/reading/playing board games.


Year Plan

About the Sr. VP External Affairs

Honestly, VP External is a bit all over the place, but in two words I would sum it up to representation & advocacy. Representation because the position is a connection from UofT’s MedSoc to external organizations, as we sit as representatives on boards such as CFMS & OMSA. Oftentimes when external organizations try to reach out to UofT medical students, it’s through the President or VP External. On the other hand, the position is an advocacy role, because we work with TPAC & GAAC to bring forward medical students’ concerns to relevant parties, and advocate for equity in our communities.



  1. To know more about a certain OMSA/CFMS initiative/portfolio

  2. To find information about/contact other medical societies

  3. To collaborate on an advocacy/equity initiative

  4. To voice a concern that is MedSoc related

  5. Challenge me in Catan

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. More collaboration with GAAC/TPAC

  2. Collaborate with VP EDI

  3. Smoothly transitioning VP External events to virtual formats

  4. Continue being active within the EDI project pod

  5. Continue restructuring our elections process

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