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About Kaesavan Selvakumaran

I graduated from the Health Science program at McMaster University. Through various course work and extracurricular activities, I discovered my passion for consulting, entrepreneurship, coaching, leadership, marketing, and strategy. Contrary to what you may think, I’m actually very much interested in humanitarian work and conducting entrepreneurship within the non-profit sector. I absolutely enjoy old music (ie. huge fan of Motown records) and I love to hike whenever I get the chance.


Year Plan

About the Sr. VP Finance

My role in the medical society is to primarily coordinate the spring and winter funding cycle, manage reimbursements of club expenses, and to facilitate discussions at medsoc meetings about how we should optimally allocate funding for various purposes. Often, this workload allows me to have a semi-intimate understanding of what clubs and medsoc portfolios are up to throughout the year. I’m also responsible for strategizing how the medical society can grow and optimize our revenue sources, such as finding ways to increase ad revenue from our student publications, investing in low risk investment portfolios, and sharing financial burden with other entities (eg. faculty, sponsors, etc).



  1. Urgen reimbursement processing (ie. >1 month timeframe)

  2. Spring & winter funding details

  3. Questions about MedSoc student fees and funding allocation rationale

  4. Advice on approaching sponsors for funding

  5. Mentorship on scaling, innovation and marketing club innovations

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Ensure responsible funding allocation and use

  2. Apply financial repercussions when bylaws are violated

  3. Incentivize clubs to collaborate and innovate

  4. Maximize MedSoc revenue sources

  5. Identify new sponsorship opportunities for clubs

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