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About Kenneth Williams

I hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but I was born in Madrid, Spain. I attended Mount Allison University, Sackville NB, for my undergraduate. My spirit animal is a narwhal. Seemingly majestic, but really a cow of the sea with a massively inconvenient tusk. Finally, I love being outside, if you do not find me studying for an ME or bellringer in McCaul or the library, I will be paddling, camping, or out and about in TO.


About the Executive Administrator 

My role on MedSoc is to ensure that the MedSoc meetings are organized, run, and recorded efficiently. I also work with the MedSoc President to organize and run the MedSoc project pods. Another responsibility that falls under my purview is organizing and running the MedSoc and Class Council Elections, in addition to the MedSoc-affiliated position (MSAP) selection process. At the end of the day, my role is to make sure the MedSoc Executives have the administrative resources and support they need to accomplish their responsibilities as well as making sure that the MedSoc meetings are run in an equitable and inclusive manner.



  1. If you'd like to submit a motion to the Medical Society

  2. Elections/MSAP questions

  3. If you are uncertain on who to reach out to on any matter

  4. If you'd like to access MedSoc resources/materials

  5. Medsoc constitutions/Bylaw questions

Reasons To Contact Me

Year Plans & Goals

  1. Improve MedSoc meeting accountability & equity

  2. Ensure SOP for preserving MedSoc longitudinal history

  3. Assist the Exec in achieving their goals

  4. Improve MedSoc & Class Council elections platform

  5. Foster positive & inclusive environment among MedSoc exec

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