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MD/PhD Class Co-President

The MD/PhD Class Presidents represent the needs and interests of UofT's sizeable MD/PhD community. We lead our class council and collaborate with faculty and the Medical Society to advocate for our students' needs.

Natalie Landon-Brace

MD/PhD Class Co-President

About Me

I am a 6th year MD/PhD student now in second year of the MD program. My PhD work was focused on building a 3D in vitro model of pancreatic cancer to study how the tumour microenvironment impacts tumour cell phenotypes. When not in school, you can probably find me walking my dog, coaching competitive swimming, or finding new comedies to watch on Netflix.

- Create opportunities for MD/PhD students to learn about alternative physician-scientist career tracks - Work to create a strong community in the MD/PhD program - Support advocacy efforts related to ongoing improvements to the HSR curriculum

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

Questions/comments related to the MD/PhD program or interest in collaborating with our students

Project Pods

MedSoc Social Pod


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