VP Communications

VP Communication portfolio deals with MedSoc elections, MedSoc social media account/event advertisement, MedSoc/class council elections, and the MedSoc website (with the help of Website MSAP).

Alborz Noorani

VP Communications Sr.

About Me

I decided to join the UofT community in 2014 and two degrees later, I still enjoy being a part of this huge community :) I love biking, cooking, baking, and travelling.

Our team's goal is to make communication easier between the uoft med members, as such we:
1) regularly update the UofT MedSoc website
2) smoothly run the medsoc/class council elections
3) periodically send MedSoc updates to student body

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

1) Anything related to MedSoc Facebook page and social media accounts
2) MedSoc website updates
3) All election matters

Project Pods

Streamline Communications (lead) - Election restructuring

Kanza Naveed

VP Communications Jr.

About Me

Hello! I did my undergraduate at the University of Toronto before starting medical school. I have always been keen to learn about what medicine can offer to marginalized and equity-seeking groups and hope over the next couple of years to develop a critical lens that can be adapted to advocacy work. Outside of school, I really enjoy traveling, long road trips, and spending time outdoors.

Year Plans and Goals

Over my term, I would like to:
1. Increase student engagement through our social media accounts
2. Adapt an EDI lens to our elections process
3. Ensure the student body is updated on MedSoc-related events, initiatives, and projects

Reasons to Contact Me

Feel free to reach out if:
1. You have any questions or concerns about MedSoc's social media or online presence
2. You have any questions about the voting process during elections
3. You would just like to chat

Project Pods

1. Elections Restructuring
2. Streamline Communications