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VP External Affairs

The VP External serves as a liaison between the U of T and organizations outside of the school/Faculty of Medicine, mainly the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and the Ontario Medical Students’ Association (OMSA). I attend regular meetings with VP Externals from across the province and the country. In doing so, I facilitate communication between the U of T student body, the OMSA and the CFMS. I am also the primary point of contact for external organizations that hope to share information and events with the U of T student body (e.g., OMA Insurance).

Armaan Fallahi

VP External Affairs Sr.

About Me

Thanks for visiting this page :)
As an MD-PhD student, my work with MedSoc is where I can put on one of my many hats, specifically as a leader, communicator, and connector ! I grew up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and completed my B.Sc. in neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal before starting at UofT. I love the brain, cheese, philosophy, spending time with friends new and old, cold bodies of water, the outdoors, and electronic music. Being active in the community is important to me, and my inbox is always open!

1. Share relevant information from the CFMS and the OMSA with U of T medical students
2. Engage with U of T medical students and student organizations to hear about issues they would like me to discuss at a provincial/national level
3. Work on ensuring longevity of MedSoc and developing strategic plans
4. Coordinate province– and nation-wide advocacy initiatives with other VP Externals across Canada especially related to research, EDID, and mental health
6. Increase UofT's engagement

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

1. Any questions or concerns about the CFMS or the OMSA
2. Thoughts or suggestions for things that I should bring up at the long meetings of the aforementioned organizations

Project Pods

Club Equity and Restructuring Pod

Ragav Chona

VP External Affairs Jr.

About Me

Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to be your VP External this year! Advocacy and representation have always been at the core of my journey and I am so excited to have this opportunity to represent you all this year. With my past experiences in non-profit leadership, I've become adept at networking and partnership-building, equipping me to foster productive external relationships.

Year Plans and Goals

1. Enhance collaboration with GAAC/TPAC and maintain active involvement in the EDI project pod.
2. Share CFMS and OMSA information with U of T medical students.
3. Engage with students and organizations to address issues at a provincial/national level.
4. Promote relevant external events and coordinate advocacy initiatives nationwide, particularly in research, EDID, and mental health.

Reasons to Contact Me

1. Inquire about OMSA/CFMS initiatives or portfolios.
2. Seek information about/contact other medical societies.
3. Propose collaboration on advocacy/equity initiatives.
4. Share concerns related to MedSoc or voice any questions about CFMS or OMSA
5. You'd like to be defeated in Connect 4

Project Pods

Wellness Pod

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