VP Student Affairs

As VP Student Affairs, we oversee all matters related to student health and wellness, student mistreatment and career counselling. We work closely with the MD administration including the Learner Affairs office, the office of Learner Experience, the CAP curriculum leads and advocate for the needs of the student body across all four years and the MD/PhD classes.

Safa Majeed

VP Student Affairs Sr.

About Me

I am a second year MD/PhD student currently completing my PhD in the field of pediatric oncology. In addition to my role as VP Student Affairs Jr. last year, I have experience as a mental health advocate at the graduate Conflict Resolution Center and reforming mental health policies as a co-chair of the SGS Mental Health Advisory Committee. As VP Student Affairs Sr., I hope to lead initiatives to improve medical students’ experience with a specific focus on supporting and promoting positive mental health.

1. Build and expand current Peer Support resources for medical students at UofT
2. Inaugurate an annual mental health and wellness report elucidating the mental health status and struggles of UofT medical students
3. Form relationships with underrepresented medical student groups to better understand their needs amplify their voices within the medical school

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

1. Student Mistreatment, Harassment or Discrimination
2. Student Mental Health and Wellness
3. Career Development
4. Resource Navigation

Project Pods

CREMS & Research Promotion, MedSoc Retreat

Hammad Shahid

VP Student Affairs Jr.

About Me

Hi! If I haven’t met you yet my name is Hammad. You’ll probably find me in the gym procrastinating from studying ;) I consider myself a foodie and enjoy exploring our city for new places to eat. Some of my major interests are learning about the various factors that affect our physical and mental well-being. If that sounds like you, please feel free to reach out to me for a chat.

Year Plans and Goals

1. Consolidate student wellness data into an annual/biannual report
2. Create a directory and guide to help preclerks find research positions
3. Help build and expand current peer wellness support program

Reasons to Contact Me

Please contact me to discuss any matters of Student Wellness (including how to access wellness resources/counselling and how to identify/report mistreatment)
Also feel free to reach out if you would like to talk about the role and what I do!

Project Pods

EDI Committee, Member