VP Student Engagement MAM

Student engagement’s role is anything and everything to do with clubs! In addition to running events during the school year to introduce students to clubs (club night, early in the year) and help bring new club leads up to speed with the rules and resources of their role (transition night, at the end of the year), we also act as a point-of-first-contact for club-related inquiries from all students, and participate in the funding process for club initiatives in conjunction with VP Finance. As the MAM-counterpart of this portfolio, my role is also somewhat unique in that I have regular contact with MAM faculty and leadership to provide student feedback and voice concerns within our academy along with VP MAM.

Mark Anczurowski

VP Student Engagement MAM Sr.

About Me

A huge fan of board games, and more than a few video games as well; I’m always up to talk when someone needs an ear to listen and couldn’t be a bigger believer in the idea that friends & community are what make life worth living (and UofT Med the best)! Coming to medicine out of a PhD, I also encourage anyone who wants to talk research or the non-traditional pathway to get in touch anytime.

And because no about profile is complete without a fun fact, mine is that I have more allergies than anyone I know: I eat only 6 foods!

'- Expand club hiring accountability initiatives in the coming year to include all stages of the hiring process, to minimize nepotism and bias throughout the selection process for club positions & leads.
- Develop complaint reporting system & process for students who have concerns regarding club-related opportunities, to ensure student concerns are heard and looked into appropriately.
- As learning (hopefully!) moves more towards in-person activities, we also want to place a special focus on supporting clubs leads and members in running & attending efficient, equitable, and accessible in-person events for all students. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we’re always happy to help!

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

'- Any and every club-related inquiry, particularly if it’s a MAM club or you’re a MAM student, but even if you’re not!
- Any concerns regarding equity/accessibility of club events to all students, particularly as it relates to MAM students accessing club events equally as easily as downtown students.
- Any general questions or concerns regarding MAM itself or opportunities at the academy; happy to act as a point of first contact along with VP MAM!
- Any concern you feel should be brought to the attention of MAM leadership/faculty.

Project Pods

Club Restructuring POD (Lead)
- Ongoing work to restructure both individual clubs and general club-related policies to continuingly promote access to and inclusivity of all students in club hiring and activities.

MAM Response Team (Member)
- Quick response team which exists to address any issues MAM students have/bring forward regarding the student experience at our academy (for example, equity in access to opportunities for MAM students).

Michael Borean

VP Student Engagement MAM Jr.

About Me

I am a first year medical student with a passion for advocacy and community! I think that MAM and the U of T Med community are so unique and what ultimately will make the journey through our medical education so special. I'm a very social individual, and I'm always happy to listen, chat, and provide support.

I'm a huge fan of all things sports: NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and all things in between, so feel free to reach out if you want to talk about your favourite team or to watch a game!

Year Plans and Goals

- Collaborate well with the VP MAM to ensure that we can best understand the MAM student voice and advocate effectively to faculty.
- Form a strong partnership with the VP Student Engagement St. George team to ensure equity and accessibility to club events for MAM students.
- Encourage and facilitate a safe return to more in-person club-related events to improve networking between MAM students.

Reasons to Contact Me

- Any questions or concerns related to clubs, especially if you have an inquiry related to a MAM club!
- Questions regarding opportunities or events through MAM or its associated clubs.
- Concerns about equitable access to club events for MAM students not living downtown.
- Inquiries related to club policy, procedure, etc.

Project Pods

MAM Response Team
Club Equity and Restructuring