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VP Student Engagement STG

As VP Student Engagement, promoting extracurricular activities within the faculty is at the heart of my role. Recently, we have been working hard at MedSoc to ensure that equity is observed in such activities. This is especially relevant nowadays as this VP role also has a say in the amount of funding given by MedSoc to clubs to reimburse the costs they incur. Other aspects of my role include overseeing MedSoc resources, such as the med lounge, but that has been on hold due to COVID-19.

Winnie Yu

VP Student Engagement St. George Sr.

About Me

Hi there! Super excited to be your VP Student Engagement STG Sr. this year and to support your club endeavours. I am a night owl trying my best to be an early bird often starting my day with a large cup of tea (milk tea to be exact). In my free time, I enjoy trying new foods, exploring different places around the city and hiking.

1) Support EDI club restructuring
2) Maintain equitable club hiring processes
3) Further develop club directory and transition documentations
4) Streamline club ratification process
5) Support transition of clubs to hybrid and/or on-campus events

Year Plan and Goals

Reasons to Contact Me

1) General inquiries about student clubs: joining clubs, starting a new club, planning club events
2) How MedSoc can support your student initiatives and events
3) Want to learn more about MedSoc and the VP Student Engagement team

Project Pods

Club Equity and Restructuring Pod (Chair)

Tasha Miller

VP Student Engagement St. George Jr.

About Me

Hi everyone! I love being a part of student communities like MedSoc and am really looking forward to being your VP Student Engagement STG Jr. this year! I also enjoy reading, being outdoors, and travelling. Recently, I've been using reading to procrastinate studying and am always happy to talk about books. Please reach out if you have any questions about clubs or club ratification (or if you have any book recommendations)!

Year Plans and Goals

1. Respond to student inquiries about clubs and extracurriculars
2. Communicate with prospective club leads to create detailed and comprehensive club proposals which will help guide the initial stages of club development
3. Assist other MedSoc members in addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion principles, especially with club activities

Reasons to Contact Me

- Any questions about clubs, club ratification, getting involved in clubs, or other student-affiliated groups
- Any questions about MedSoc, being involved in student government, and my role as VP student engagement
- Any questions about EDI, new student engagement initiatives, or really any questions you have!

Project Pods

MedSoc Social/Retreat Pod

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