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Admissions Committee



Awards Committee



Appeals Committee



Academy Challenge



Admissions Committee Reps

Benjamin Baker (2T3)

Shakiba Ardestani (2T3)

About the MSAP (2 positions, 1 year term)

Committee members shall attend and participate in monthly Admissions Committee meetings. The Committee meets to discuss and formulate admissions policies and review individual applications as the need arises. Committee members shall also participate in the reading, scoring of autobiographical letters and interviewing of applicants to the Faculty of Medicine. Members of the Committee include faculty, medical and non-medical professionals, and medical student representatives. Two members of the incoming second year class are appointed to a one year term.

Admissions Committee Reps
Appeals Committee Reps

Abdul Sidiqi (2T1)

Anisha Ahktar (2T2)

Peter Kim (2T3)

About the MSAP (1 position, 3 year term)

The Committee hears appeals from medical students (years 1 to 4) regarding decisions of Faculty Council and its Committees. The most common type of appeal heard is one in which a student appeals the decision of the Board of Examiners to fail him/her in a particular subject. Evidence is heard from the student and/or representative and the Chairman of the Board of Examiners. The Appeals Committee votes to uphold the appeal in whole or part, reject the appeal or refer back to the Committee concerned. Committee members shall attend and participate in meetings held as needed. Meetings for the Appeals Committee may take place any time during the full year term including the months of June to August. Elected students must be prepared to be present at these meetings.

Apeals Committee Rep
Awards Committee Reps


Lytvyn (2T3)

Dustin Tanaka (2T3)

About the MSAP (2 positions, 1 year term)

Awards Committee members shall attend and participate in the Awards Committee which is responsible for reviewing applications and selecting recipients for all awards, bursaries and scholarships given to students. The Awards Committee is chaired by an Alumni member. In addition to the duties noted above, the second-year representative shall be responsible for collecting nominations for candidates for the Harry Whittaker Memorial Award. This award is presented to any student currently in the undergraduate medical school who has completed first year.

Awards Committee Reps


Academy Challenge Director


Solish (2T3)


Mcchesney (2T3)

About the MSAP (2 positions, 1 year term)

The Academy Challenge Director is responsible for coordinating the Academy Challenge from the elect date to September of the following year. The Academy Challenge is a series of events in which the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Academies compete for points in hopes of winning the prestigious Academy Cup. The Challenge is designed to strengthen Academy identity and pride, create interaction between classes, involve the Faculty in medical student events and promote charity events. The Academy Challenge Director is directly responsible for coordinating Academy Challenge events, reviewing applications for proposed Challenge events, managing the Challenge finances, updating scoreboards, collaborate with the Orientation Committee, organizing the Academy Challenge clothing sale and recruiting sponsorship.
The Academy Challenge Director will be required to hold positions on the Academy Challenge Task Force, the Inter-Academy Executive Committee and their respective Class Council.

Academy Director Challenge
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Co-Ed Medical Athletics Rep


Bakir (2T2)

About the MSAP (1 position, 1 year term)

Representatives of COMA liaise between the medical students and the U of T Intramural Sports Department. Responsibilities include organizing all co-ed intramural sports leagues and tournaments by posting sign-up sheets, making announcements, and attending entry meetings for each sport. Team lists should be posted for each sport, and student points for the year (allotted per team joined) should be tallied up and submitted to the intramural office. A Meds Sports Banquet needs to be organized at the end of the year, with the help of the men's and women's intramural Representatives. The COMA MSAP holder is also responsible for organizing the annual FSS (Festival Socio-Sportif) weekend. The hosting university will mail an information package with all details in the fall, and the COMA Representative should enroll interested students. Money must be collected to finance the bus, the hotel accommodation, and entrance into the festival.

Co-Ed Medical Athletic Rep
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Daffydil Co-Producers


Maxim (2T3)

Katie Wilkins (2T3)

About the MSAP (2 positions, 1 year term)

Each year the students in the Faculty of Medicine put together a variety show that runs four nights at Hart House Theater. The show is the equivalent of a professional stage production and is the highlight of the year at the Faculty as it manages to incorporate physiotherapy, occupational therapy and medical students. Approximately 2000 people attend the show over the course of the 4 nights and the proceeds of all the shows goes to the Canadian Cancer Society. Each year a minimum of $10,000 is raised as a donation. The producers are ultimately responsible for running the show. Duties include but are not limited to: selecting artistic and technical directors for the show, taking financial responsibility for the show, publicity and advertising, and ticket sales.

Daffydil Co-Producers
GreenMeds Coordinators


Brooks (2T3)

Becca Wang (2T3)

About the MSAP (2 positions, 1 year term)

Represents the Medical Society on the Faculty of Medicine's Green Committee by actively participating in monthly meetings and ongoing projects. Reviews and improves ongoing GreenMeds initiative projects. Coordinates the annual first year Lab Coat recycling project for distribution to the incoming class. Communicates the availability of green utensils/cutlery to MedSoc clubs and develop and undertake a strategy for their ongoing use/distribution. Develops and coordinates new GreenMeds projects (i.e Brita filter recycling program). Connects UofT medical students with other green initiatives. Works closely with the VP Global Health to communicate and develop GreenMeds projects in cooperation with the Executive Council.

Greenmeds Coordinator
O-Week Coordinators

Evan  Strom (2T3)


Parpia (2T3)


Price (2T3)


Drost (2T3)

Calandra Li (2T3)

About the MSAP (5 positions, 1 year term)

The Orientation Committee’s Roles and Responsibilities will include: organizing the events of Orientation Week (registration, transportation, Faculty speakers, a weekend Formal Event and all social events during the week), recruiting sponsors and representing both the Faculty of Medicine and MedSoc in a professional manner, creating and maintaining a website outlining steps for registration and details of the week, organizing food (breakfast, lunch and some dinners) for each of the orientation days, being sure to address any dietary concerns.

O week coordinators
Wellness Reps

Unfilled Positions

Unfilled Positions

About the MSAP (2 positions, 1 year term)

The Wellness Representatives will act as general coordinators of the Student Affairs Liaison Team (SALT) and help coordinate the SALT’s events. The development of resiliency programming should include event domains of resiliency including: i) physical, ii) mental, iii) nutritional and iv) general wellbeing. The Wellness Representatives should hold student-delivered initiatives which are associated with academic skills development and career exploration. The Wellness Representatives will also be responsible for the coordination of the annual Resiliency Week for Medical Students. They will act as liaisons between the Office of Health Profession and Student Affairs (OHPSA), Medical Society, and external student groups or student bodies whose mandate is affiliated with wellness initiatives. In particular, one Wellness Representative will act as a representative of the University of Toronto on the CFMS Wellness Committee and one Wellness Representative would have the responsibility of attending Medical Society Meetings. The Medical Society representative will be a non-voting member at MedSoc meetings but will be encouraged to submit agenda items to the MedSoc speaker in order to discuss student initiatives with other Medical Society committee members. Candidates must run as a team and decide among each other which candidate would act as the CFMS Wellness Committee representative and which would act as the Medical Society representative.

Wellnes Reps


CFMS Political Advocacy Committee Rep

Justin Shapiro (2T3)

About the MSAP (1 positions, 1 year term)

Works in close contact with the VP External to actively represent U of T on the CFMS PAC. Organizes 2 large advocacy skills sessions for the general student body over the year. Organizes a targeted skills workshops for students interested in participating in CFMS Lobby Day and OMSA Leadership Day. Coordinates the selection and participation of U of T students attending CFMS Lobby Day and OMSA leadership day with the VP Externals. Takes a leadership role in developing MedSoc Position Papers as the Chair of a Position Paper Development Committee.

CFMS Political Advocacy
Longitudinal Academic Mentorship Program 

Kevin Chen (2T3)

About the MSAP (1 positions, 1 year term)

The Longitudinal Academic Mentorship Program (LAMP) is a peer-to-peer, physician-to-student mentorship initiative for the medical trainees at the University of Toronto. Participants are organized in groups which consist of 7-8 students, 1 resident and 1 physician. The mentorship relationship is longitudinal in nature, and groups individually meet once a month in an informal setting (ex. Dinner, escape rooms, nature walks, etc.) to share stories and advice. Currently in its pilot stages, LAMP is organized by the Medical Society under the VP Education portfolio, under the guidance of representatives from the MD Program and OHPSA. The MSAP of the Longitudinal Academic Mentorship Program (LAMP) acts as a liaison between LAMP’s organizing team and its participants through email and social media. Assists in the organization, promotion and execution of two LAMP socials per year. Assists with the writing of any grants, research posters and publications associated with LAMP. Create a transition report for succeeding MSAP of LAMP at the end of term.



Phung (2T3)

Medical Student Research Day Coordinator


Greben (2T3)

Juehea  Lee (2T3)


Wu (2T3)

About the MSAP (4 positions, 1 year term)

The University of Toronto’s annual Medical Student Research Day provides undergraduate medical students with the opportunity to present their own research to their peers. Prizes are awarded to novice and experienced researchers in both Basic Sciences and Clinical research. The Medical Student Research Day Coordinators are responsible for forming a committee to help organize the event, and solicit entries from undergraduate students.


Sabrina Campbell (2T3)

Medical Society Web Designer

About the MSAP (1 positions, 1 year term)

Work with the Medical Society President, President-Elect & VP Communications Jr to develop a contract & timeline for the development and release of the public-facing Medical Society Website. Work with either WordPress or SquareSpace to create a public-facing website for the Medical. Society in collaboration with the Medical Society President, President-Elect & VP Communications Jr. content of the website to be provided by the Medical Society President with input from the Medical Society & general student body. Work with the VP Communications develop a guide on using and updating the website. This guide is to be placed into the VP Communications Folder on the Medical Society Google Drive.                                                 

medso web desginer


Quesnel (2T3)

International Student Rep

About the MSAP (1 positions, 1 year term)

The goal of this position is to create a platform for international medical students at U of T to
gain insight into opportunities in medicine following graduation from medical
school, connect international students with practicing physicians in Canada that started as
international medical students and increasing Faculty support and access to resources for international medical students. The representative will be responsible for organizing social events for international medical students across all years, creating a welcome package using the international affairs/ immigration resources listing any relevant academic and professional support, meeting with Faculty on behalf of international students to discuss concerns relevant to this community (including issues around electives, career counselling, etc.), increasing awareness of the different medical systems abroad and how to transfer between them.                                            

Internatonal student rep
Open House Co-Chairs


Ferri (2T3)


Liu (2T3)

About the MSAP (2 positions, 1 year term)

The University of Toronto Medical School Annual Open House is hosted by the first and second year medical classes. It began as a spring time event that was separate from the annual U of T Day. In 1996/1997, it became amalgamated with U of T day which is held in October. The special day invites anyone and everyone, including parents and high school students. The medical portion of the day involves touring through a number of interactive displays designed to expose participants to the broad discipline of medicine. It also includes an exciting Mock Emergency Situation that is acted out by medical students with the assistance of St. John's Ambulance, the Toronto Fire Department and the on campus police. A raffle is put on each year, proceeds of which go to a chosen charity. The medical students also host a breakfast for the parents of the first year class which is designed to invite them and their children to the University of Toronto Medical School Program. The two co-chairpersons oversee the event and are responsible for the overall organization and funding for the day, along with Committee heads for the Mock Emergency, Publicity, Parent’s Breakfast, Raffle and Displays.

Open house co chairs
University of Toronto Medical Journal Co-Editors


Lytvyn (2T3)


Qazi (2T3)

About the MSAP (2 positions, 1 year term)

The University of Toronto Medical Journal (UTMJ), Canada's oldest undergraduate student publication, has been in existence since 1923, and is completely managed by the volunteer efforts of undergraduate medical students and Biomedical Communications students. The UTMJ is a vehicle for medical students, scientists, and health professionals to publish original articles and reviews of current surgery, medicine, and basic research, as well as articles examining social and ethical issues in medicine. In addition, the UTMJ now has an operational worldwide website. The goal of the UTMJ is to produce a high-quality publication for health professionals and medical students, while providing a vehicle for students to gain experience publishing peer reviewed articles. The UTMJ publishes three major editions annually (December, March and May), in addition to a supplemental issue containing the proceedings of the Faculty of Medicine Student Research Day held yearly. Funding for the journal is approximately 50% from advertising revenues and 50% from patrons and subscribers. The circulation of the UTMJ is over 100. The two Editors-in-Chief are responsible for appointing all other journal staff, as well as overseeing and taking ultimate responsibility for the contents, day to day operations, financing, and distribution of the UTMJ. All journal staff are responsible to the Editors-In-Chief.



Hafeez (2T3)

About the MSAP (1 positions, 1 year term)

The UTMSU Representative must be a medical student receiving education at the Mississauga Academy of Medicine, attend UTMSU meetings, assist in fostering a relationship with the UTMSU, ensure medical students know the services the UTMSU provides, communicate with the UTMSU on behalf of the medical student body and represent the interests of the medical students and report to the Vice-President Mississauga and Vice-President Internal Affairs Mississauga on the MedSoc Executive on issues pertaining to the undergraduate medical student body.



Lewis (2T3)

About the MSAP (1 positions, 1 year term)

Once elected, this student is then added to a U of T-wide ballot. He/she attends monthly UTSU meetings and reports back to VPs External on MedSoc Executive on issues pertaining to the undergraduate medical student body.

Year Book Editors


Thang (2T0)

Hira  Raheel (2T2)


Lau (2T3)


Kelly (2T1)

Isra  Hussein (2T2)


Du (2T3)

About the MSAP (2 positions, 3 year term)

The Yearbook Editors are responsible for heading, recruiting and co-ordination a Yearbook Committee that will produce a yearbook documenting the four academic years of one class. The Yearbook Committee should consist of students contributing photography, page layout, and organizational work. The editors, with the help of the Yearbook Committee, will ensure that the required elements of the yearbook are obtained and submitted to the publishing company by the appropriate deadlines. These elements may include: "mug shots" of current students, photos of official U of T Meds events, photos of U of T Meds clubs, photographs of U of T Meds sports teams, and photos of Faculty and staff. The editors are responsible for all dealings with the publishing company, organizing sales of the yearbook, as well as scheduling meetings and layout sessions. When the shipment of yearbooks arrives, the editors are responsible for distributing the books, with the assistance of the following year's editor if needed.

Year book edtors
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